Photography is four dimensional. Flat on the pages of a book, bright on a screen, vertical on the walls of an exhibition; the fourth fascinating dimension has no set boundaries, it is an expanding vision which encompasses other languages, other codes, other systems.


Counting almost 50 thousand followers and 6,000 posts, the anonymous Instagram account @fontanesi is a collection of visual combinations making up a new everyday to show reality just the way it is.
The exhibition travelled in many places and festivals, every time with a different translation of the fontanesi universe from Instagram into reality, as to say a site specific open air installation. 
All set-ups were specifically designed for their location as to provide a captivating experience to the viewer.
By walking around the installations and shifting through the different perspectives they offers, the viewer is invited to engage with the work and to build her own combinations.
Liquida Photo Festival 2022 (Italy)

PhEST 2021 (Italy)

Urbi et Orbi 2021 (France)
Images Vevey 2020 (Switzerland)

Gibellina PhotoRoad2019 (Italy)

Baci from Cortona

The project was based on the outcome of an open call which collected almost 1600 personal photographs and more than 20 hours of interviews, counting almost 200 participants. The photobook was distributed for free during the exhibition opening, which took place at the Parterre gardens in Cortona. The exhibition was part of the official programme of Cortona On The Move Photography festival's 9th edition.
In collaboration with Cortona On The Move photography festival and the University of Georgia Cortona

Through the Eyes of Children

In collaboration with Slideluck Editorial


“Fantasia” by Italian-Moroccan documentary photographer Karim El Maktafi (Desenzano del Garda, 1992) presents a fresh look at ans ancient Moroccan tradition known as Fantasia - the game of powder or “tbourida” in Moroccan Arabic – a breathtaking sport and equestrian art display which celebrates the union between a man and his horse. 
El Maktafi documented the event in his family’s hometown, Bouzinika. By doing so, he succeeded in retracing his roots and in offering the viewers a contemporary portrait of a centuries-old tradition that still brings together the country’s many ethnic groups.The intersection between contemporary and traditional was translated into a set-up based on the dialogue between the photographs on show and the elements of Lucca’s Palazzo Ducale, where the exhibition took place.
Photolux 2018


“Daring&Youth” – by Ukrainian photographer Yulia Krivich – is a photo project that investigates the everyday life of a far right hooligan gang from her home country. By adopting the very same visual language used by the hooligans on social media, Krivich’s shots question the blurring boundaries between fiction and reality: in a time of hyper-representation, the pictures we consume and produce for social media have become crucial in the way we interact with the world. 
The set-up re-enacts the project’s underlying dichotomy between virtual and real. The “physical” set-up exasperates the colour palette of the project and it is meant to evoke cool and light feelings while entering the space. The virtual part activates an interactive exhibition experience and is accessible through a Facebook Messenger Bot.
The project was first exhibited at Fotografia Europea 2018’s OFF Circuit – where it got an honourable mention –  and afterwards at JEST – Spazio per la fotografia (Torino) with an adapted set-up.
Circuito OFF
Fotografia Europea

JEST – Spazio per la fotografia

Fotografia online e pubblico

The busy schedule of appointments that developed week after week stimulated discussion among those involved, as well as reflection on new ways of enjoying the cultural event. But what was the public’s perception?
To find out more, we launched a questionnaire addressed to all those who participated as spectators. Open from May 19 to June 9, it received more than 500 responses with an interesting rate of participation of “non-experts”.
The results are now presented in the publication “Fotografia online e pubblico”, accompanied by a series of interviews with professionals from the Italian and international photographic world (and beyond) and with the organizers of some popular events during the quarantine.

Download the publication

Selected by Symbola as a 2020 best practice